Enchanted Environments

Tisha Bender - Enchanted Environments - Woods

As D.H. Lawrence, that writer not only of human passion but also one who showed exquisite eloquence about nature, once said, "Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly, and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration." Perhaps that's why Lawrence wrote so much about nature, as he likened it so much to love between people.

This is a theme I also use in my novel, 'And All is Always Now.' And I write about nature not only because it highlights the deep and growing love between Fleur (see, even her name means 'flower') and Lance, but also as a contrast between the hectic, stimulating hustle and bustle of NYC with its exciting and magnificent skyscrapers and the tiny busy streets of Greenwich Village, and the serenity and beauty of both the Lake District and also the Catskills.

And, in writing this novel, I used often to go for walks along a wooded lakeshore, and found that since I was writing my perception of the natural beauties surrounding me was heightened and then found a way into the novel itself. I observed a flock of geese angling into the clear sky in their usual V pattern of flying, and saw how their white underbellies glowed golden in the reflected sunlight. I noticed how a drop of dew hovered on a petal, and heard the sweetness of bird song and the buzz of a small insect. I saw the patterns that raindrops made as they fell on the surface of the lake, and I marveled one day at the mist coiling up from the lake's surface since the water temperature was warmer than the air above it. I rejoiced in spring blossoms, and ran below the branches and looked up through the canopy of pink and white flowers to the blue sky above. I delighted in the crisp freshness when in spring trees covered themselves with light green leaves, with the air clear and fragrant. And I loved to see fluffy baby geese swimming in an orderly line between their parents. 

Tisha Bender - Enchanted Environments - Views

All these lovely impressions, and more, are sprinkled throughout 'And Always is Always Now,' with great appreciation and love of such beauty. Have you ever gone on a walk in nature, and looked, really looked, at the environment surrounding you? Please do tell us about it here.